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Masquerading Windows processes like a DoubleAgent.

Reading time: ~17 min
I’ve been spending some time building new content for our Introduction to Red Teaming course, which has been great for...

Bringing the hashes home with reGeorg & Empire

Reading time: ~4 min
Is not a hack until you are 3 tunnels deep – Ian de Villiers External assessments. It’s about not only...

AutoDane at BSides Cape Town

Reading time: ~6 min
Given the prevalence of Microsoft Active Directory domains as the primary means of managing large corporate networks both globally and...

Something about sudo, Kingcope and re-inventing the wheel

Reading time: ~5 min
Willems and I are currently on an internal assessment and have popped a couple hundred (thousand?) RHEL machines, which was...

T-Shirt Shell Competition

Reading time: ~3 min
For our internal hackathon, we wanted to produce some shirts. We ran a competition to see who could produce a...