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Making the Perfect Red Team Dropbox (Part 1)

Reading time: ~11 min
As part of our preparations for our upcoming RingZer0 “Q Division” Training, I have been working on making a software...

[Dual-Pod-Shock] Emotional abuse of a DualShock

Reading time: ~35 min
Hacking PlayStation DualShock controllers to stream audio to their internal speakers. Ciao a tutti. Introduction I didn’t really know what...

DEEP INSERT – Card Skimmer Research

Reading time: ~16 min
So I get a phone call from Daniel on a Wednesday night, Stu, can you bring your hardware stuff with...

USaBUSe Linux updates

Reading time: ~6 min
(If you’re new to this project, read the intro first) For the past few months, I’ve been working on porting...

Universal Serial aBUSe

Reading time: ~15 min
Last Saturday, at Defcon 24, we gave a talk entitled “Universal Serial aBUSe: Remote Physical Access Attacks” about some research...