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Open Patch Management Survey

Reading time: ~2 min
Rich Mogull (who’s stuff I really quite dig) has launched an ‘Open Patch Management Survey’ via the SecurityMetrics blog. Its...

Turn of the century deja vu?

Reading time: ~3 min
The recent widespread carnage caused by the Conficker worm is astounding, but is also comforting, in a strange way. It...

EDoS is the new DDoS ?

Reading time: ~1 min
Over at [Rational Survivability] beaker as coined the term EDoS. To describe how “the utility and agility of the cloud...

Forget Dan’s DNS, the Armageddon Comes from Intel’s CPUs

Reading time: Less than a minute
Kaspersky will show how processor bugs can be exploited using certain instruction sequences and a knowledge of how Java compilers...

rethinking ye old truths

Reading time: ~1 min
since forever, i’ve been told (and told others) that the greatest threat is from the inside. turns out, not so...

Safari on Win32, and browser choices in general..

Reading time: ~2 min
Gareth linked to David Maynor’s blog where he documents the results of some simple fuzzing against the new Win32 port...