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Obtaining shells via Logitech Unifying Dongles

Reading time: ~11 min
In this post, I will recap some of the security research conducted on wireless keyboards and mice, and eventually show...

Outlook Forms and Shells

Reading time: ~16 min
Using MS Exchange and Outlook to get a foothold in an organisation, or to maintain persistence, has been a go...

USaBUSe Linux updates

Reading time: ~6 min
(If you’re new to this project, read the intro first) For the past few months, I’ve been working on porting...

Something about sudo, Kingcope and re-inventing the wheel

Reading time: ~5 min
Willems and I are currently on an internal assessment and have popped a couple hundred (thousand?) RHEL machines, which was...

T-Shirt Shell Competition

Reading time: ~3 min
For our internal hackathon, we wanted to produce some shirts. We ran a competition to see who could produce a...