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Mallet in the Middle

Reading time: ~18 min
I recently had an assessment reviewing a kiosk application. As I have been working on Mallet recently, this seemed like...

Mallet, a framework for creating proxies

Reading time: ~17 min
Thanks to IoT and other developments, we’re having to review more and more non-HTTP protocols these days. While the hardware...

Recreating certificates using Apostille

Reading time: ~3 min
Sometimes on an engagement, you’d like to construct a believable certificate chain, that you have the matching private keys for....

Handling Randomised MAC Addresses in MANA

Reading time: ~3 min
mana development has been chugging along nicely. However, the OffSec crew politely asked us to move mana to proper releases...

Too Easy – Adding Root CA’s to iOS Devices

Reading time: ~8 min
With the recent buzz around the iMessage crypto bug from the John’s Hopkins team, several people pointed out that you...