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Never mind the spies: the security gaps inside your phone

Reading time: ~2 min
For the last year, Glenn and I have been obsessed with our phones; especially with regard to the data being...

44CON 2013

Reading time: ~3 min
In one week, it’s 44CON time again! One of our favourite UK hacker cons. In keeping with our desire to...

Snoopy Release

Reading time: ~4 min
We blogged a little while back about the Snoopy demonstration given at 44Con London. A similar talk was given at...

44Con: Vulnerability analysis of the .NET smart Card Operating System

Reading time: ~1 min
Today’s smart cards such as banking cards and smart corporate badges are capable of running multiple tiny applications which are...

Solution for the 44Con Challenge

Reading time: Less than a minute
Last week, we published our 44Con “SillySIP” Challenge for free entry to our BlackOps training course at the 44Con conference...

44Con Challenge

Reading time: ~2 min
In a similar fashion to the BlackHat challenge held earlier this year, we’re giving away a free ticket to our...