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SensePost partners with Paterva to offer improved security intelligence

Reading time: ~3 min
We’ve been big fans of Maltego and the team at Paterva for a very long time now,  and we frequently...

Pfortner calls on SensePost expertise to validate their security posture

Reading time: ~2 min
Pretoria South Africa — SensePost, a leader in penetration testing and information security services, announced today that Pfortner had called...

Mobile Security – Observations from the developing world

Reading time: ~6 min
By the year 2015 sub-Saharan Africa will have more people with mobile network access than with access to electricity at...

Press Release – Jane Frankland joins SensePost

Reading time: ~2 min
The SensePost marketing division, a highly skilled team of ruthless spin-doctors, is proud to announce that they have written …...