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Pentesting in the spotlight – a view

Reading time: ~9 min
As 44Con 2012 starts to gain momentum (we’ll be there again this time around) I was perusing some of the talks...

Mobile Security – Observations from the developing world

Reading time: ~6 min
By the year 2015 sub-Saharan Africa will have more people with mobile network access than with access to electricity at...

Squinting at Security Drivers and Perspective-based Biases

Reading time: ~12 min
While doing some thinking on threat modelling I started examining what the usual drivers of security spend and controls are...

Metricon6 Presentation

Reading time: Less than a minute
Dominic is currently in the air somewhere over the Atlantic, returning from a long trip that included BlackHat, DefCon and...

Threat Modeling vs Information Classification

Reading time: ~3 min
Over the last few years there has been a popular meme talking about information centric security as a new paradigm...

SensePost Corporate Threat(Risk) Modeler

Reading time: ~5 min
Since joining SensePost I’ve had a chance to get down and dirty with the threat modeling tool. The original principle...