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Skype Passive IP Disclosure Vulnerability

Reading time: ~2 min
When performing spear phishing attacks, the more information you have at your disposal, the better. One tactic we thought useful...

Information Security South Africa (ISSA) 2010

Reading time: ~4 min
Last week we presented an invited talk at the ISSA conference on the topic of online privacy (embedded below, click...

Prof Felten (and friends) attack bitlocker/filevault (and friends)

Reading time: Less than a minute
So felten et al basically figured that cooling dram chips  allows an attacker to move them to another machine where...

Amazon SimpleDB – Outsource your database??

Reading time: ~2 min
Amazon announced the beta of Amazon SimpleDB without that much fanfare, but it is an interesting trend to watch.. Essentially...


Reading time: Less than a minute
’twas only a matter of time before various FaceBook developers started cashing in on the amount of personal info they...

On hacking and politics

Reading time: ~2 min
I meant to blog this whilst I was still in Vegas, but only got around to it now. Its arb,...

Another blow for privacy? A small price for your 15 minutes of fame..

Reading time: Less than a minute
Spock have just opened up beyond their private beta and promise to be the most comprehensive people search tool on...