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Joe Grand (Kingpin) gets famouser!

Reading time: Less than a minute
  This is probably really old news (to some), but was in the company of sattelite TV this weekend and...

RFP Spotting..

Reading time: Less than a minute
Not the boring pile of papers kind.. the shiny pants and sunglasses kind: Turns out you can find him blogging...

South Africa’s own IT Security “pubcast”

Reading time: Less than a minute
Our good friend Anthony Olivier has launched his “IT Security Pubcast“. So far 2 episodes are online, with episode #2...

rethinking ye old truths

Reading time: ~1 min
since forever, i’ve been told (and told others) that the greatest threat is from the inside. turns out, not so...

Dino Dai Zovi is such a Rock Star..

Reading time: ~1 min
Dino is the guy who added much shellcode coolness to MetaSploit, gave the world Karma, released the first virtualization rootkit...

Is that a robots.txt in your pocket or are you just ahppy to see me?

Reading time: Less than a minute
This will probably get cleaned up soon, but thats a huuuuuuuge robots.txt [ http://www.whitehouse.gov/robots.txt]

BotNets not just for SPAM any more

Reading time: Less than a minute
The Symantec Security blog has an article titled “Botnets: not just for spamming anymore“. Interestingly we are now starting to...

Awesome data visualization stuff…

Reading time: Less than a minute
Steven Murdoch over at lightbluetouchpaper did an investigation into the Privila internship program.. What was also cool however was that...