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XRDP: Exploiting Unauthenticated X Windows Sessions

Reading time: ~9 min
In this blog post we are going to describe some tools we created to find and exploit unauthenticated X Windows sessions....

Release the hounds! Snoopy 2.0

Reading time: ~5 min
Friday the 13th seemed like as good a date as any to release Snoopy 2.0 (aka snoopy-ng). For those in...

Botconf 2013

Reading time: ~2 min
Botconf’13, the “First botnet fighting conference” took place in Nantes, France from 5-6 December 2013. Botconf aimed to bring together...


Reading time: Less than a minute
Hey all, So following on from my talk (slides, video) I am releasing the NMAP service probes and the Poison...

Offence oriented defence

Reading time: ~3 min
We recently gave a talk at the ITWeb Security Summit entitled “Offense Oriented Defence”. The talk was targeted at defenders...

BlackHat Conference: Z-Wave Security

Reading time: ~1 min
We are publishing the research paper and tool for our BlackHat 2013 USA talk on the Z-Wave proprietary wireless protocol...

Honey, I’m home!! – Hacking Z-Wave & other Black Hat news

Reading time: ~7 min
You’ve probably never thought of this, but the home automation market in the US was worth approximately $3.2 billion in...

44Con: Vulnerability analysis of the .NET smart Card Operating System

Reading time: ~1 min
Today’s smart cards such as banking cards and smart corporate badges are capable of running multiple tiny applications which are...

Pentesting in the spotlight – a view

Reading time: ~9 min
As 44Con 2012 starts to gain momentum (we’ll be there again this time around) I was perusing some of the talks...