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Abusing GDI Objects for ring0 Primitives Revolution

Reading time: ~21 min
Exploiting MS17-017 EoP Using Color Palettes This post is an accompaniment to the Defcon 25 talk given by Saif. One...

BlackHat Challenge

Reading time: ~2 min
This year marks a special anniversary for us at SensePost in that we’ve been training at BlackHat for over a...

Open Patch Management Survey

Reading time: ~2 min
Rich Mogull (who’s stuff I really quite dig) has launched an ‘Open Patch Management Survey’ via the SecurityMetrics blog. Its...

OWASP NYC Talks Posted..

Reading time: Less than a minute
The full videos from the OWASP NYC Conf have been posted. At least one BlackHat re-run, but some look well...

Phrack is dead.. long live Phrack ??

Reading time: Less than a minute
Uninformed has certainly done awesomely at filling in the gap left when phrack went silent, but there is something nostalgic...